UK High Court Removes Arbitrator for Pre-Judging Expert Evidence

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In a recent case heard by the High Court, an arbitrator was removed from the …

US Court Refuses to Enforce DIFC-LCIA Arbitration Clause After Centre’s Abolishment

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The Louisiana Court of the United States recently rendered a decision on the enforceability of …

Choosing the Right Arbitrator

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Selecting the right arbitrator is pivotal for ensuring both the efficiency and fairness of the …

LCIA Announces Package of Updates: Revised Schedule of Costs, Terms and Conditions, and Guidance Note

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The London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) has recently announced a package of updates, which …



Arbitration Panel Slams South Sudan with $1 Billion in favor of Qatar

The Republic of South Sudan has been ordered to pay more than one billion dollars …

Philippines to Seek Second Arbitration against China over South China Sea Dispute

The Philippines, along with other Southeast Asian countries, has been in a territorial dispute with …